Resources for Teachers

Trainings and Web-seminars

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Item 1 How to train your students in 21st Century skills ENTER
Item 2 Integrating four skills in our virtual classes ENTER
Item 3 Motivation and attention in the virtual classroom ENTER
Item 4 Teaching Young Learners online ENTER
Item 5 Professional development for teachers in the “new normal” ENTER
Item 6 Evaluation and Assessment when teaching online ENTER
Item 7 Teaching Young Learners online ENTER
Item 8 Engaging teens? Not all about technology... ENTER
Item 9 Making online synchronous classes more active and interactive ENTER
Item 10 Feedback that empowers ENTER
Item 11 Child’s play? The role of play and games in teaching preschool children ENTER
Item 12 P is for Performance ENTER
Item 13 Doing the Communicative Approach Online: Motivating students to speak ENTER
Item 14 No learner left behind - Bridging the gap after lockdown ENTER
Item 15 Accuracy and Fluency: getting the balance right ENTER
Item 16 Working with Images ENTER
Item 17 Five Drama Games for Language Teaching ENTER
Item 18 Teaching Lower Levels ENTER
Item 19 Encouraging extensive reading to advance intensive reading skills ENTER
Item 20 Engaging and equipping teens for exam success ENTER
Item 21 Direct or delegate? Which communication style works best? ENTER
Item 22 Mediation in the CEFR: implications for learning, teaching & assessment ENTER
Item 23 Enjoyment and Engagement in Early Literacy ENTER
Item 24 Students Without Borders: Educating Global Citizens ENTER
Item 25 How we think and how it affects language learning ENTER
Item 26 Positive Classroom, Positive Results ENTER
Item 27 Effective Gamification ENTER
Item 28 Extended Speaking in the Classroom ENTER
Item 29 Reading and Use of English at C1 and C2 ENTER
Item 30 Assessing Speaking Online ENTER
Item 31 Back to School: From Reactive to Proactive ENTER
Item 32 Five Keys to Developing Learner Independence ENTER
Item 33 Simple future: how do we REALLY talk about the future in English? ENTER
Item 34 Time Management Tips for Teachers ENTER
Item 35 Useful tips to improve your pre-primary classroom management ENTER
Item 36 Make a game out of fluency! Gamification for automaticity ENTER
Item 37 What about the fifth skill of viewing? ENTER
Item 38 Can children be self-directed learners? ENTER
Item 39 Do you know what it takes to advance your students’ learning? ENTER
Item 40 Motivating teenagers in exam classes ENTER
Item 41 Grammar and Language Acquisition ENTER
Item 42 E-certificate Webinar 2: How to be an Effective Teacher ENTER
Item 43 Popular American names that students pronounce incorrectly ENTER
Item 44 Joanne Mitten - Storytelling for Young Learners ENTER
Item 45 Teaching online - if the tech fails and structuring lessons ENTER
Item 46 Course for Teachers: "Online Teaching: Interactivity" ENTER
Item 47 Teacher Preparation Pathway ENTER